I need a Vacation Getaway

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I Need a Vacation Getaway can help savvy travelers save as much as 80% off of an 8 day resort stay at worldwide locations. With savings of as much as 80% off resorts standard published rates travelers can now visit destinations they've always wanted to at a fraction of the cost. Resorts that normally go for $3000 a week can be yours for under $600 a week.

The reason why this is possible is because everyday thousands of hotel rooms and resort suites go unused, which need to fill even at a loss. Hotels and resorts offer rooms to marketing and travel companies for a reduced bulk rate in order to make sure that rooms are booked and the hotel/resort looks full. By offering these companies’ bulk rates for peak and non-peak season room’s resorts and hotels are able to recoup a little money on many of their potential vacant rooms. These marketing and travel companies can then offer the rooms for sometimes lower than what the hotel or resort’s standard published rates. During the off peak travel season these marketing and travel companies get even lower bulk rates on rooms and if you are flexible with your travel dates you could save a lot of money on your vacation during those months.

We work with companies that have access to over 100 worldwide destinations, there are hundreds of resorts in North and South America, the South Pacific, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Australia, the Middle East and many other popular destinations that have vacancies  that you can choose from for your next vacation. So if you want to save as much as 80% off an 8 day resort stay let I Need a Vacation Getaway get you there. 

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